February 26, 2010

Joe Johnston Off Captain America?

There has been plenty of speculation surrounding the involvement of director Joe Johnston recently. Today there is word that Marvel isn't happy with the progress and has decided to hold off on production. Looming issues with casting, budget disputes and unsuccessful box office returns from Johnston's Wolfman could be factors.

"I had a total of 30 weeks of prep on Captain America, I had 3 weeks of prep on The Wolfman"

While his statement sounds like he's more enthused to be working on this project. He did recently confirm he had left the project when the budget came out and would have to take a salary cut to make it work. Johnston since has been able to make a deal with Marvel to return. The Moving Image (Remingtons) recently spoke with crew members on the set of Burke & Hare who would be working on Captain America and they said production would be delayed. Chud is very reliable when de-bunking these type of rumors and they've spoken with Marvel who flat out deny any of this. They're on schedule for June and Johnston is still directing.

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