February 24, 2010

6 Candidates For Captain America

Just a few moments ago I noticed a very bizarre message on Twitter from Alex of FirstShowing.net which made me scratch my head. He pointed out a very odd wishlist posted by Deadline Hollywood for Captain America from Marvel. The group of actors tested for the role yesterday.

The list includes Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl) and John Krasinski (The Office). While the other names didn't make much of an impact. The first two are horrible choices since they're only on the list because of their popular TV shows. The two actors have been in films giving less than stellar performances. Neither Chace or John have proved they can handle screen time outside of their respected shows. If Marvel wants to hire an unknown then do it. These two known actors aren't strong enough to carry a whole film. I really hope that Joe Johnston isn't involved with these choices or this film might be in trouble. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement.

The rest of the group is a decent group of semi-unknown actors. They include Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights), Mike Vogel (Cloverfield), Michael Cassidy (Privileged) and Patrick Flueger (Brothers). While I can't speak for Micheal Cassidy the rest of the group seem like great candidates for the role.

Deadline also mentions that Garrett Hedlund from Four Brothers and Tron Legacy was in mind but didn't end up testing.

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