January 3, 2012

RUMOR: Could Ralph Fiennes Become The New M?

When Ralph Fiennes originally was linked to Bond23 now titled Skyfall, it was assumed he'd be playing a villain. Previously there had been rumors Ralph could be playing the legendary Bond villain Blofeld. The villain had appeared in seven Bond films and was last seen in Never Say Never Again (1983). A new report from MovieWeb (via BadassDigest) could see Fiennes perhaps replacing Judi Dench as M. Judi is still confirmed for Skyfall so there could be a changing of the guard during the film. Instead of just changing actors between films showing a transition could be interesting.

It seems to be similar to Ben Whishaw reprising the role of Q. There had also been rumors of Moneypenny returning but that hasn't been made official. MovieWeb isn't the greatest source as a lot of their "stories" end up being second hand gossip or just made-up. I feel Fiennes is one of the greatest actors to portray a villain so I wouldn't count him out as a baddie.

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