November 11, 2008

Wonder Woman (TBA)

McG who is helming the new Terminator trilogy for Warner Brothers, is rumored to be in mind to direct Wonder Woman. I really don't see the studio using him because they would want more progress on the next two Terminator films. Most likely to be filmed back to back if the first film is as epic and successful as others predict. I do think that McG would be a great fit for Wonder Woman, after his work on the Charlie's Angels movies and now Terminator Salvation. As long as the script is done properly I think it could end up a great action flick. Johnathan Nolan who worked on both Dark Knight and Terminator Salvation would be my choice to write the script. Nolan seems to be the man of the hour when it comes solid blockbuster scripts. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a Wonder Woman movie before another Batman film.

Megan Fox has been rumored for the role online. Even more so when a fan made poster of her as Wonder Woman hit the web. I could see her getting the role because she's a very well known name. I'm still on the fence about her abilities to carry a movie on her own. Australian model Megan Gale was cast in the Justice League film that was killed a while back. Beyonce Knowles wants the role, although she doesn't seem to understand she can't act. If this was a musical I would feel differently, she's a singer not an actress.

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