November 6, 2008

John Carpenter's Riot (2009)

There are a few directors who put all their effort into every film they make, John Carpenter is one of them. Even going the extra length to create his own scores. When Carpenter's films don't make box office they always seem to develop a large cult status and following. He has reinvented genre film making and discovering the action/horror genre. His latest film will be similar to "Assault On Precinct 13". Nicolas Cage will star as the lifer. I'm very excited that we'll be seeing two films (L.A. Gothic) from Carpenter in the next year since he hasn't made a feature film since 2001.

"a troubled youth who's sent to prison off the "Scared Straight" crime-prevention program, which imprisons delinquent teens for a short period in the hopes of deterring them from a life of crime. While the teen is there, a riot breaks out and the prisoners take him hostage. A lifer, played by Cage, is forced to help the young man out."

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