November 7, 2008

Oldboy (remake)

Apparently Steven Spielberg is looking to direct the American remake with Will Smith starring as the lead. This is sort of disconcerting to fans of the original since the story-telling and violence was so important to the original film. Spielberg has had a lot of issues when it comes to telling the story of his recent films. More exact Indiana Jones 4 and War of The Worlds with their massive plot holes, which everyone else seemed to noticed but Spielberg. I don't doubt his body of work but even good directors need to take a break, plus he should be sticking to "Tin Tin". Will Smith is a really bad idea for the lead role. He's great for box office but isn't "tough" enough for the brutal role. I'm not the only one who sees Smith as the all-American cookie cutter actor who really never has branched out as a bad guy without cracking jokes (Bad Boys, Hancock).

Although I'd rather not see this remake even happen I think there are better choices for directors and actors. The directors that would fit a million times better would be David Cronenberg, Danny Boyle or Quentin Tarantino. This movie was violent and was a visual masterpiece these directors work closely with violent subject matter and seem to still make the story the importance. While keeping the audience interested by their visual skills. The only thing that would leave Tarantino out would be the fact he would have to write the script. Theres no telling how long that process would take.

-Viggo Mortensen or Benicio Del Toro would be perfect to play the Oh Dae-su character.

-Christian Bale or Cillian Murphy as Lee Woo-jin.

-Thandie Newton or Gemma Arterton as Mi-do.

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