November 15, 2008

Films That Should Be Made: Tales Of The Black Freighter

Originally a comic within the Watchmen graphic novel. It will be turned into an animated short for the Watchmen DVD release. People have talked a sequel/prequel to Watchmen but it would be impossible without Alan Moore's involvement. Moore is someone who is very anti-Hollywood considering being burned on many occasions. On the other hand The Black Freighter is a story that could be expanded into a full feature without Moore's help. The basic story is already set up and the character could be developed by another writer without backlash from Watchmen fans.

Gerard Butler has done the voice acting for the animated film, so it makes sense that he would be cast as the mariner.

If the studio options a full live-action feature they would of course ask Zack Snyder to return. Having Butler and Snyder working together again would make a lot of people happy. They'll also be possibly working together on the 300 prequel.

"Marooned" tells the story of a young mariner cast adrift at sea, making his way to his hometown to warn its inhabitants of the coming of the Black Freighter. During his journey he is "forced by the urgency of his mission to shed one inhibition after another", including using the bodies of his dead shipmates as a make-shift raft and mistakenly killing innocent people as he makes his way to town.

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