November 8, 2008

Wicked City (2010)

Back in 2006 Variety reported that there would be a live-action film directed by Mark A.Z. Dippé (Spawn: The Movie). Since then there has been little to no information, maybe for the best. It may have been killed or sold off to another studio. The original was one of the influential anime films that inspired The Matrix films. Considering the cult status of the original anime film I would expect a bigger studio and director to get involved.

I would have loved to see David Cronenberg replaced as the director. His previous films "Naked Lunch" and "eXistenZ" are perfect examples of the type of movies which are similar to the anime. The sexual themes are very important to the story and mood of the picture and Cronenberg isn't afraid of using sex in his movies. He would also attract a well known cast.

"My Casting Picks"

-Clive Owen cast as Taki and Marion Cotillard as Makie.

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