November 25, 2008

Films That Should Be Made: Starcraft

With Blizzard developing a Warcraft movie a Starcraft live-action film wouldn't be too far away. Influenced by films like Aliens, Predator and Starship Troopers, begs to made into a movie. It predates Halo and Gears of War which most likely took notes from the successful game.

The best director to bring this all together is Paul Verhoeven. He is the best at hardcore action science fiction films, the game being very violent and action packed. Verhoeven's credits include some of the best examples from the genre Robocop, Total Recall and Starship Troopers. Along with abilities to develop characters and stories with films like Basic Instinct and Black Book.

My Casting Picks:

Jeffery Dean Morgan (Watchmen)

Scarlett Johansson

Carice Von Houten (Valkyrie, Black Book) , Thom Hoffman (Black Book), Milla Jovovich (Fifth Element), Peter Weller (Screamers), Clancy Brown (Highlander) and Rutger Hauer (Bladerunner).

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