November 14, 2008

Luc Besson's Sci-Fi Trilogy

Luc Besson is easily one of the greatest directors from France, also one of the most talented writers as well. His overwhelming resume is nothing less than impressive. Besson's credits include directing Subway, La Femme Nikita, Angel-A, Leon: The Professional, The Messenger. He also wrote/helped on scripts for Revolver, Taken, Danny The Dog, Kiss of The Dragon and Taxi/Transporter series. Collider revealed in an interview with Besson that he'll be working on a new science fiction project next year. While he has many big ideas for the film and is hoping for a trilogy.

One of his most creative and original films "The Fifth Element" was going to be a trilogy but after mixed reviews the studio was scared off. I would love to see something as epic and original as that film was.

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