November 24, 2008

Incredible Hulk 2 (TBA)

Louis Leterrier has talked about wanting to return to the directing chair for a sequel. He'll most likely get his wish since the movie was an overall success with fans and critics. Edward Norton would need to be locked in as actor and writer again. Liv Tyler and William Hurt would need to return. I really enjoyed The Incredible Hulk even more so than Iron Man. Mainly, because we don't have to wait as long to see Hulk in action.

Tim Blake Nelson signed on for another film. He plays Dr. Samuel Sterns who becomes The Leader at the end of the film. The Leader will most likely be the main villain in the next film.

We could end up seeing She-Hulk who is Banner's cousin Jennifer. Megan Fox or Jessica Biel could end up playing her. This would of course lead to spin-off films.

Possible Other Villains: Red Hulk, Wendigo and A-Bomb (Rick Jones).

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