November 5, 2008

Battling Boy (TBA)

Adapted from the unpublished graphic novel it's been optioned by Paramount and Plan B Entertainment. The graphic novel itself won't even be released until 2010. This deal is similar to what they've done with "Kick-Ass". Understanding when a comic book property is going to be a good fit for film. This is a gamble but it also helps the studios really look to the comics as source material the same way it's been done with Sin City and 300. Watchmen and Kick-Ass look to be following this trend of direct adaption instead of trying to fit them into the real world. Fitting comic book characters into the real world on film is a tricky thing and Nolan's Batman series seems to be exception. Developing projects from comic book stories before the artwork is drawn will continue if these movies are successful.

"centers on the kid son of a superhero who comes down from the top of a mountain at his father's request in order to rid a giant city of monsters."

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