December 29, 2010

Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye To Have Cameo In Thor

There had been word from Jeremy Renner (Hurt Locker, The Town) back in 2009 when he spoke to Empire that his character Hawkeye could appear in Thor. Now TheWrap reports that someone has seen an early cut of Thor and confirms that Hawkeye indeed is in the film. Nick Fury on the other hand who had been attached to early cast listings of Thor is not.

While they don't mention the extent of Clint Barton's involvement in the film. It's expected the cameo could be similar to apperances made by Nick Fury, Agent Coulson and Black Widow in previous films. It would be sort of an introduction to the archer before The Avengers in 2012 which is very smart on the studio's part. The less time spent explaining new characters in Avengers the better.

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