December 31, 2010

Avengers Bringing In Another Heroine?

While recent Avengers rumors have been debunked a new one coming from HollywoodReporter seems a bit more reasonable. They say that Marvel Studios is looking to add another actress to balance the mostly male cast. It's interesting they mention it could be Wasp who had been mentioned over a year ago. Yet it could also be Scarlet Witch who was going be featured in Iron Man 2. Witch was cut out out the film when Emily Blunt left the role of Black Widow and was filled by Scarlett Johansson. Director Jon Favreau stated in an interview with Wizard Magazine Johansson was originally lined up for Scarlett Witch.

 Of course this could also mean a slew other female characters could come into play. These could include Maria Hill, Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel), Mockingbird (Hawkeye's partner), Sharon Carter and Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman). 

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