December 14, 2010

5 Candidates To Take Over Iron Man 3

Now that it's been confirmed by Jon Favreau himself that he is not returning for Iron Man 3 to focus on Disney's Magic Kingdom. Could Disney favorites Andrew Stanton (John Carter of Mars) and Joseph Kosinski (Tron Legacy) be hired to replace him? Other possibilities could include Marvel directors on the current payroll like Edgar Wright or Joss Whedon. To bring a new vision and blood to the franchise Marvel might want to look at some of the following directors.


Ruben Fleischer is my personal choice to enter the world of Iron Man and re-tool it. If the studio is serious in bringing in new blood they'll get Ruben to bring the perfect balance of comedy and action. His smash hit Zombieland has lead to studios like Warner Bros. to offer him their big period crime film Tales From The Gangster Squad . If Marvel is looking to get this guy on the cheap now is the time. Ruben is currently finishing up on the adrenaline fueled comedy 30 Minutes Or Less. Production on Zombieland 2 is expect to start shooting sometime this fall/winter.

Ben Affleck is gaining praise for his recent work on The Town and it's rightly deserved. Affleck proved himself as an excellent director back when he made Gone Baby Gone. He's been offered high profile directing gigs over at Warner Bros. with the Superman reboot and Gangster Squad. While he's directed mostly dramatic films he got his start in comedy. Starring in such classics like Kevin Smith's Chasing Amy and Mallrats. He  played a comic book artist in Chasing Amy so I think that's enough geek credit. Including his decent portrayal of Daredevil (in a sloppy written/directed film) opposite Jon Favreau.

Another Ben that comes to mind is Ben Stiller, yes that Ben. Stiller has come into his own with directorial efforts Zoolander and Tropic Thunder. The latter which earned Robert Downey Jr.'s recent Oscar nomination. Ben like Edgar could double as writer and director saving Marvel some money on a screenwriter. Hopefully Stiller would stay behind the camera a mistake Favreau made during Iron Man 2. His character Happy Hogan was charming in the first film but became a large distraction in the sequel.

Matt Reeves best known for his work on Cloverfield could very well be another excellent candidate. He's been in contention for directing duties on both Wolverine 2 and Superman: Man of Steel. He's been able to impress a lot of people with his remake of Let The Right One In (Let Me In). Ending up a compliment to the original rather than a horrible mistake. Reeves visual style screams Marvel if he doesn't get the gig Kevin Feige needs to consider him for other properties.

David Gordon Green might not seem like a likely choice but he's been able to double as director talented in both comedy and drama. One of his first films Snow Angels was a deep dramatic piece. It wasn't until he jumped into directing the Seth Rogen comedy Pineapple Express that we really got see his wild side. I believe like Ruben, David would be able to bring that different vision to the Iron Man world and give it the much needed face-lift. He's putting the finishing touches on his epic stoner fantasy/comedy Your Highness which uses lots of practical and digital effects. So he wouldn't be new to the world of the green-screen and pre-visualization.

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