December 22, 2010

Joseph Kosinski Teases The Return of Cillian Murphy In Tron 3

Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski was dropping hints on what could possibly go on in Tron 3 (via SpinoffOnline). While I'll avoid spoiling the film one character he mentions spends all of two minutes in the movie. Ed Dillinger Jr., the son of the first film's villain shows up in a very brief cameo played by Cillian Murphy (Inception). You don't get a great read on the character knowing if he's good or bad but I'd like to see him return none the less.

It's unknown at this point when we could see Tron 3 go into production since it's currently at the scripting stage and has yet to be greenlit by Disney. Tron Legacy writers have been put onto working the sequel and could very well have something for the studio soon. Disney has been vocal of rounding out a trilogy. Tron very well could be the studios' science fiction version of Pirates of Carribean and develop into a decent franchise. It's expected Disney could be waiting on the final worldwide box office returns before moving forward with a sequel.

Disney has two other projects lined up for director Joseph Kosinski. The first one is a remake of the classic Disney science fiction movie Black Hole. That one is still in the scripting phase with Travis Beacham (Clash of The Titans, Pacific Rim) working on it. The other is an original concept from Kosinski titled Oblivion. The studio has hired Oscar winning writer William Monahan (Departed, Kingdom of Heaven) to handle the script. The film revolves around a repairman named Jak who finds himself on a life-altering adventure after he discovers a mysterious woman in a crashed pod

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