December 23, 2010

Actor & Director For Superior To Be Announced In January

Mark Millar has Tweeted that along with a director to be announced in January an actor has been locked in to star in Superior. The comic focuses on a teen with MS who is transformed into his favorite superhero, think Superman meets Big. It mixes well established comic book mythologies from Superman, Thor to Shazam!. Even more impressive is Millar's statement "highest profiled actor of 2010". That is suggestive as there are lots of names that he could be referring to from Ryan Reynolds to Leonardo DiCaprio. The list of actors I have in my head that would consider this project include Sam Worthington and Tom Hardy. Jon Hamm's name has been tossed around by Millar for the film but didn't have a massive breakout in 2010 besides his role in The Town.

Now comes the director involved. I won't pretend to know what direction the film is going since I don't even know which studio has grabbed the project. If it's Universal or Fox I expect someone like Matt Reeves (Cloverfield, Let Me In) could very well be lined up. Reeves has been in contention for both Superman and Wolverine 2. He also made my list of possible directors for Iron Man 3. If it's Warner Bros. Guy Ritchie's name had been thrown around during talks for Nemesis before Tony Scott was hired. Yet since this is too similar to Superman I doubt he'll direct this one considering his relationship with both Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment.

Matthew Vaughn on the other hand could be another person to take on the film. He campaigned with Millar for their own pitch for the Superman reboot to Warner Bros. Vaughn also had been attached to direct Thor before Kenneth Branagh came on board. While Matthew has stated he believes the superhero film genre is on it's last legs he went on to direct X-Men First Class and is still interested in making Kick-Ass 2. Superior is a very different take on the whole genre and could interest lots of director, so who knows?

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