December 24, 2010

Stephen Doriff Talks Blade Prequel

Deacon Frost has to be one of the greatest on screen Marvel villains so it's no surprise Stephen Doriff wants to continue playing him. Back in 2009 it was reported that Doriff and director Steven Norrington were working on a Blade prequel focusing on Deacon Frost. The prequel could spawn into a new trilogy which made sense since New Line was aiming to reboot the franchise.

The first Blade film was the first serious adaptation of Marvel material and it's first success story even though X-Men gets all the credit. The world Norrington created was a blue print for most of the comic book films we now see which mix comic book elements in a real world film.

Doriff while promoting his current film Somewhere commented on the status of the project (via DarkLordBunnykins) and gives insight of what it could look like. He mentions making a vampire version of Scarface which sounds like a perfect fit for the character. While he seems optimistic the pair doesn't count out throwing out the use of the Frost character to avoid being held back by New Line. It sounds like the studio could be asking for a PG-13 movie which goes against every that Blade had established. By not using the Deacon Frost name they could take their pitch to other studios while still making the film they want to. Currently Steven Norrington is working on his Crow reboot with Mark Wahlberg interested in the lead role (bad idea) so it's unlikely it would get made anytime soon.

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