December 3, 2010

Pirates 5 & Pirates 6 To Shoot In 2012?

 HitFix is reporting that Disney is quietly planning on filming Pirates 5 and Pirates 6 sometime in the future. The films would be shot back to back similar to what happened with Deadman's Chest and World's End.  Of course this would only get greenlit if On Stranger Tides is a massive box office success which is assumed it will be. The current cast and director Rob Marshall are expected to return for the two films that would bookend a new trilogy. Depp will be busy with Dark Shadows and Lone Ranger next year so 2012 seems the best time for these films to start production.

I have to admit I enjoy Depp's Jack Sparrow no matter how ridiculous the sequels become. My expectations re high for the franchise since we're not saddled with Bloom and Knightley. Bringing in new blood and Rob Marshall could help give us something fresh and exciting.

 Depp is quickly becoming Disney's go-to-guy and I'm hopeful this could lead to him playing Doctor Strange. Disney has yet to announce their first Marvel film but Doctor Strange has been in Marvel Studios' expected new lineup for months now. There had been rumors of Johnny playing Strange with Guillermo del Toro possibly directing.

Guillermo del Toro while busy with At The Mountains of Madness is currently working with Disney for a new Haunted Mansion film. He's long been interested in Strange and Marvel seems interested to bring the character to the screen. If anyone could find way to bring the mystical superhero properly to life del Toro is the man. ndy

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