September 29, 2009


Leonardo DiCaprio (Inception) will star in the adaption of John D. McDonald's The Deep Blue Good-Bye for 20th Century Fox. The story focuses on a Fort Lauderdale detective who lives on a house boat named Travis McGee. Fox hopes this could end up a new franchise.

Mark Strong (RockNRolla, Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood) and James Purefoy (Solomon Kane, Rome) have joined the cast of John Carter of Mars. Also Thomas Haden Church (Spider-Man 3) has finally been confirmed as joining as well.

There had been talk of a cameo from Arnold Schwarzenegger but no actual casting information. Now there is talk of Danny Trejo (Machete) starring in the film. It's unknown if Trejo will be the major lead or will just have a role/cameo. Trejo mentioned in a recent interview he could be involved in the upcoming Rodriguez project.

Mickey Rourke will star in the film based on the true story of the Iceman. A notorious hitman for the mob based on novel by Philip Carlo. Rourke will replace Channing Tatum as the lead.

Olivia Wilde (Tron Legacy), Jonathan Tucker (Texas Chainsaw) and The Rza (Funny People) have joined Paul Haggis' The Next Three Days. They will join Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks in the thriller. Wilde and Tucker have previous worked with Haggis on his Boston based television series The Black Donnellys.

Ever since the Avengers was announced there has been talk of Bruce Banner/Hulk becoming the villain of the film. There had also been rumors he could appear in Iron Man 2, but Norton has denied this. Edward Norton has been asked his thoughts on his character becoming the villain in the film. His response?

"I think that's a fun way to go with it,"

Charlize Theron was asked if she'd love a role in the new Batman movie as Catwoman. Recently people ranging from Oscar winners Marion Cotillard (Public Enemies), Angelina Jolie (Changeling), Rachel Weisz (The Mummy) to Megan Fox (Jennifer's Body) and Rhona Mitra (Underworld 3) have been rumored for the role. It's nice that another Oscar winning actress' name is being thrown around. While I doubt Nolan would use a costumed Catwoman. I could see him having Selina Kyle becoming a new love interest for Bruce Wayne.

“It's news to me, but that's kick-ass news. I think that what has happened to that franchise is amazing, and director Chris Nolan is a genius. So I would be an idiot to not consider that.”

Geoffrey Rush has commented that he'd love to return as Barbosa in Pirates 4, the only thing is that nobody has asked him yet. It's been rumored that Depp could leave the franchise after the fourth installment and Rush could be the one to keep it going.

Ron Howard (A Beautiful Mind) has jumped into the world of comic book films. His next film will be an adaptation of The Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft. The series follows fictional supernatural adventures of the famous horror author.

Diablo Cody (Juno) is already attached to Sweet Valley High. Now there is talk she could write the screenplay for the Hugh Hefner film. While I'd like to see anything by Cody, the prospect of her working with hack director Brett Ratner is awful news. The one saving grace of the project is the rumored involvement of Robert Downey Jr., who could play Hefner.

The Halcyon Company who owns the Terminator rights, might have to sell them since they are in financial and legal debt. There could end up a bidding war between Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures over the rights to continue the franchise. The rights include Christian Bale lined up for at least one more Terminator film starring as John Connor. I think this is the best thing since Terminator Salvation was such a waste it could benefit from a studio like WB or Sony taking over production duties. I also expect a new director to take over for McG if the rights are transfered to a new studio. The studio would want someone like Zack Synder or another director experienced with R rated action ,if they're investing 100-200 million on the budget. I could see the paring of Warner Bros. and Bale very benfiical to a successful Terminator 5.

Resident Evil: Afterlife has officially started production and there have been a few more cast members added. Spencer Locke who played K-Mart in Resident Evil 3 is returning. Along with new additions Kim Coates (Last Boy Scout, Sons of Anarchy) and Shawn Roberts (Diary of The Dead).

Speaking of Resident Evil: Afterlife, Wentworth Miller (Prison Break) was also confirmed. The exciting aspect is that he's been cast as Chris Redfield, one of the more popular heroes from the video game series. It's expected that the character could keep the franchise going since Alice/ Milla will be leaving.

The girls who played the crazy babysitters twins in Planet Terror will appear in Machete and will play nurses.

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