September 23, 2009

UPDATE: Halo (2012)

Peter Jackson was producing and Neil Blomkamp (District 9) was set to direct at one point. Blomkamp worked to exhaustion on the project for five months before the whole production was shut down. He's stated that he's lost all interest in the movie. Back in 2005, Alex Garland (28 Days Later, Sunshine) wrote the original script and there were rewrites from Josh Olson (A History of Violence) in 2006. Stuart Beattie (Collateral, POTC) also wrote his own spec script. Microsoft could look to studios such as Warner Bros. to pick up the film after 20th Century Fox turned down the project.

UPDATE: There has been talk that Rupert Sanders could take over for Blomkamp. He's already working on a high profile film entitled Low Dweller starring Leonardo DiCaprio (Inception). Sanders also created impressive commercials for Halo games. There is also talk that Spielberg is resurrecting the project. It could mean the film will find a studio and receive it's needed budget. It's unknown at this point if he could also take on directing duties.

Neil Blomkamp's Halo 3 Commercials

Rupert Sanders Halo 3: ODST Commercial

Weta Workshop (LOTR, King Kong, District 9, Avatar, The Hobbit and Tintin) would handle the special effects of the film. They have already worked on Blomkamp's live-action Halo shorts.

Film Concept Artwork

Casting Thoughts:

Mark Wahlberg (Lovely Bones), Sam Worthington (Avatar) and Clive Owen (Children of Men) would all make an excellent cast.

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