September 23, 2009

Let Me In (January 15th 2010)

The American remake of Let The Right One In is closer to production. Matt Reeves who brought back the monster movie genre with the shaky cam in Cloverfield will direct. It's unknown how much of the story from the novel and film will make the re-adaption. I'm still hesitant about this project because of what happened with [Rec] and Quarantine. While Cloverfield was interesting it was an hour film and I hope that they are able to tell this story in more time than that. The original film followed the story of young Swedish child in the 80s who encounters a little girl who recently moves in next door. Later he discovers she is a ageless vampire and has a brutal hunger for blood.

Kody Smit McPhee (The Road) will play Owen formerly known as Oskar. Chloe Moretz (Kick-Ass, 500 Days of Summer) will play the vampire girl named Abby, formerly Eli.

Philip Seymour Hoffman could have a role in the film.

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