February 25, 2010

The Green Lantern Trilogy

Director Martin Campbell has confirmed the possibility of seeing a Green Lantern trilogy recently during interviews for Edge of Darkness. While in the first film they'll be too busy explaining the origins of Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps. I expect in the next two films the scale and mythology will be increased. I'm expecting the work of DC Comics' Geoff Johns will be highly influential on the sequels. I would love to see a massive war between the Lanterns then the formation of the Rainbow Rodeo to fight the Black Lanterns.

Campbell has already hinted to that Sinestro (Mark Strong) and Star Sapphire (Blake Lively) could be the seen in the sequels as villains.


SINESTRO CORPS: When Sinestro creates his own Corps using the yellow element we could see the division of the Green Lantern Corps. Branching out to Sinestro, Orange Lantern, Red Lantern and Blue Lanterns. Fueling a massive intergalactic war between the feuding groups. With either enemies of the Lanterns or former members seeking out the other elements.

ORANGE LANTERN CORPS:Fueled by the Orange Light of Avarice, the Orange Lantern Corps is controlled by Agent Orange, who kills all those trying to take his power and uses their essence as his Orange Lantern Avatars. Unfortunately, Larfleeze believes everyone is looking to steal the Orange Light. Larfleeze goes on to take on the Blue Lanterns trying again control of the Blue Light.

RED LANTERN CORPS: Led by Atrocitus the Red Lanterns are fueled by Blood Magic and rage. They're enemies with the Sinestro, Blue, Black and Green Lanterns.

BLACK LANTERN CORPS: One of the most interesting additions to the Lantern universe are the Black Lanterns. Their members are resurrected dead heroes, villains and normal people from all over the universe. It's led by Black Hand and could be great group of villains to end the trilogy. It could be interesting to see Lanterns who die in the first two movies become evil.


STAR SAPPHIRE CORPS: While Star Sapphire is a villain she could end up joining forces with the Green Lanterns to fight Sinestro and Black Lanterns.

BLUE LANTERN CORPS: Powered by the Blue Light of Hope, the Blue Lantern Corps has the mission to fill the universe with hope against the dark times ahead. They're led by Saint Walker and share the same enemies as the Green Lanterns. Hal Jordan has lead and worked with the Blue Lanterns.

INDIGO TRIBE: The Indigo Tribe wield staff lanterns powered by the Indigo Light of Compassion. They're led by Indigo and are enemies of the Black Lanterns.

RAINBOW RODEO: The Rainbow Rodeo consists of all 7 of the Lanterns joining forces to defeat the Black Lanterns.


Anthony Mackie (Hurt Locker, Million Dollar Baby) as John Stewart

Sharlto Copley (District 9, A-Team) as Guy Gardner

Henry Cavill (War of The Gods) as Kyle Rayner

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