May 24, 2014

Steven DeKnight Showrunning DAREDEVIL Series, As Drew Goddard Focuses On SINISTER SIX

It's been a hectic weekend for Marvel Studios. First, Edgar Wright exits Ant-Man over possible script conflicts and now someone else leaves their television division. Marvel announces that Drew Goddard (Cabin In The Woods) will not be showrunning Daredevil. The Netflix series was expected to begin production this summer in New York City.

They've hired Steven DeKnight to replace Drew. Steven has worked on shows such as Buffy, Angel and showrunning Spartacus. Let's just hope this isn't another Agents of SHIELD situation, and DeKnight is a little more creative and canon with his series. DeKnight's Spartacus peers are the ones running Agents of SHIELD, so I'm a little worried. I assume that Goddard's writing-work on the few episodes he helped write won't be altered, but with Marvel's recent behind the scenes practices we can't assume that. Casting for the project should be begin very soon, and Dexter's Michael C. Hall expressed some interest.

Goddard was hired by Sony to write and direct their Spider-Man villain spin-off The Sinister Six. It was rumored that production that film could be begin as early as Winter/Spring 2015. This would mean that Drew would need the summer to tighten-up the script and then jump right into pre-production. This is supported in the press release by Marvel.

His commitments to Sinister Six wouldn't leave a lot of room to be the showrunner of a series. I'm going to place this in the conflict by Sony category and not Marvel's fault. We've seen this before when Fox dragged Josh Trank away from Sony's Venom to direct Fantastic Four, only for Sony to replace him with Alex Kurtzman.

Maybe this will mean Spartacus' Liam McIntyre will get into the mix for casting.


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