May 20, 2014

First Trailer For Matthew Vaughn's Action Spy Comedy KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE

It's been a while since we've seen Matthew Vaughn direct a film, he was about to helm Days of Future Past before jumping ship to direct The Secret Service (based on Mark Millar's comic). The film has it's first trailer and it's been retitled Kingsman: The Secret Service. I assume that Kingsman will be the actual franchise name, if the movie is successful enough to spawn future installments. It's hooligan meets James Bond concept will likely win over a lot of curious moviegoers.

The footage seems to be on par with what we should expect from Matthew Vaughn, but it does look like he's has a larger studio budget to play with this time around. Considering how small the budget was for Kick-Ass. I'm loving this trailer, and I can even play-along with Sam Jackson's silly lisp. Something that's not hinted to in the trailer, is the crazy amount of celebrity cameos which include Mark Hamill, David Beckham and Taylor Swift.

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