May 18, 2014

GODZILLA Sequel In The Works On The Heels Of Franchise's Biggest Domestic Opening Ever

It's a huge weekend of successes for Legendary's Godzilla reboot. The film has the 2nd largest opening weekend of 2014 at $93 million (estimated), edging out The Amazing Spider-Man 2. A giant win for the project considering, it was an uphill battle since the terrible impression the 1998 American left on audiences. The studio has been vindicated and along with that is of course talk of seuqels.

Deadline reports that Legendary and it's old partner Warner Bros. will be working together on the next installment of the Godzilla franchise. The two companies recently parted-ways, with Legendary making a new distribution deal with Universal. Let's hope they come up with a better title than Godzilla 2, maybe something like Godzilla Vs (place iconic/new kaiju monster here). I would assume that director Gareth Edwards will be asked to return, considering how the look of the film seems to have won over a lot of people. On the other hand, there were so many screenwriters on the first installment. Max Borenstein and Dave Callaham were the main writers, along with David Goyer and Frank Darabont contributing to it as well. I kinda hope they stick to one or two writers next time, but that's going to be unlikely.


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