May 14, 2014

Roberto Orci In Talks To Direct STAR TREK 3 Without Any Directing Experience, But Why?

Variety reports that Roberto Orci, who has been a franchise writer for the new wave of films, is now in talks to direct Star Trek 3. Orci previously revealed a desire to direct the third installment, but seemed like a long-shot, considering Roberto has almost zero directing experience. Compared to high-profiled candidates such as Attack The Block's Joe Cornish. Sure, Orci has been involved as one of the franchise's many screenwriters, but what made Paramount choose him to takeover for J.J. Abrams?

"After weeks of rumblings that he was the frontrunner, sources have told Variety that Skydance and Paramount have tapped Roberto Orci to direct Paramount and Skydance’s “Star Trek 3.” Orci is currently writing the story with J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay and had been campaigning to replace J.J. Abrams as director for some time. Abrams is busy with directing the next installment of the “Star Wars” franchise and will only be producing this pic."

The big question at the moment is why? Yes, we've recently seen Orci's writing partner land the directing gig on Sony's Venom, but Alex Kurtzman has at least directed films such as People Like Us (let's try to forget how horribly it bombed on it's tiny budget). It's sort of crazy to think a first-time director would get a shot at directing the third installment in a blockbuster franchise like Star Trek. Without any previous material to back-up his directing candidacy.

We've seen first-time directors such as Wally Pfister crash-and-burn already this year with Transcendence, you'd think that would have been a wake-up-call to some studios. Not to say this will entirely turnout to be a disaster, as we've seen people like Drew Goddard shine. He at least hasn't been dubbed a terrible writer, lacking vision which Orci has.

Vision, is a major element a director needs. We've seen from scripts for Amazing Spider-Man 2, The Island, Cowboys & Aliens and The Transformers franchise, that Orci lacks the basics of storytelling, plot structure and character development as a writer. So, how the hell could he finally muster those necessary tools now, when he's placed in the director's chair? I just don't see why he's the prime choice when there are plenty of budding directors already working for Bad Robot, who could have taken-up the director's seat and given something special to the franchise. This decision screams, a rushed production to meet a release date, rather than a solid choice for a director. It's who they could get and one that was willing to take every single note from the studio, without butting-heads over the studio's vision. There's one story that's making the rounds, which could explain how Roberto was able to get Paramount to sign-off on him.

Devin at BadassDigest has been a giant advocate against Mr. Orci. Pointing out his public break-up to longtime writing parter Kurtzman, had to do with his "alcoholism" and crazy conspiracy theories. A few including the government was involved in the Boston Marathon Bombing and Sandy Hook Massacre. Painting Orci as an unstable person that just might overshadow the craziness of Mel Gibson, as Mr. Gibson never rained-down such lunacy in his own film Conspiracy Theory. It's actually shocking that Paramount would place Roberto as the face of their squeaky-clean franchise. At least the press tour will be interesting when his crazy theories are explored in front of cameras. Devin also added the following to his own write-up on the news, which might explain why Orci was hired. It's safe to say BadassDigest won't be supporting the new film, and others just might follow-suit.

"I've already told you what I heard, that Orci cock-blocked every director who came in for meetings on the project, making it look like anyone who helmed would be his dancing monkey. Who wants that when you already have pressure from the fans and the studio? Orci made a power move to guarantee his ass in the director's chair despite a huge lack of experience. How did Paramount allow this to happen?"


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