May 1, 2014

Mars Crain Making Promo Video For His Campaign To Play Marvel's LUKE CAGE

Actor Mars Crain (Hancock, Key And Peele, Inherent Vice) has taken advice from comedian Jordan Peele and put his hat into the ring to play Mavel's Luke Cage. Peele suggested on his twitter account that Crain should take the role, which is currently being eyed for Marvel's wave of Netflix shows. Cage would get his own solo series, with possible cameos in the other shows before teaming-up for the Defenders mini-series. We've heard others like Terry Crews, Idris Elba and Isaiah Mustafa (also put out a teaser video) speak-to wanting the role as well. Mars has shot his own promo reel for the role, which is expected to hit social media soon. The announcement included a teaser image of Crain as Power Man.

Scott Adkins campaigned for the role of Bruce Wayne in Batman Vs Superman, which in-turn led to a meeting with Zack Snyder (confirmed by Scott). At the very least this end-up with Marvel taking a look at Crain for the Cage role, or future ones. It's possible Mars could get a little more attention as he's taken a role in Paul Thomas Anderson's next film Inherent Vice. Luke Cage is expected to be the last series shot before Defenders, so Marvel will likely have plenty of time to cast the role. It should be noted that the studio wouldn't need massively well-known names for their Netflix series, as they would with their films.


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