May 27, 2014


It's starting to look like Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg have made one hell of an X-Men film with Days of Future Past. It basically gives the best action sequences in the franchise, along with fixing a lot of the problems caused by X3 and Origins. I'll be going over spoilers from the film to piece-together what we can expect from X-Men Apocalypse. SPOILER WARNINGS!

We know that the film will be mainly set around the First Class characters and that the timeline will be the 1980s (hopefully early in the decade). Another excellent stylistic choice and could be an excuse to use even crazier mutant outfits. Be prepared for costumes even more wild than Quicksilver's. I would personally like to see one or two of the Jim Lee designs (Gambit and Rogue) influence the costume department, but I'm sure some fans would hate that.

It was revealed that mutants such as Angel, Banshee, Emma Frost and Azazel had been killed by Trask. I don't expect to see them brought back anytime soon. Even though I really liked Azazel, they had to get rid of him to make room for Nightcrawler. Emma Frost leaving the franchise also opens the door for The Red Queen and Psylocke to take her place.

It's been confirmed by Singer/Kniberg and even hinted to in the film that Xavier will seek-out young Storm, Jean and Cyclops in the sequel. We've also heard from Singer that he wants to also use Gambit and a young version of Nightcrawler. Producer Lauren Shuler Donner all but confirmed that Channing Tatum would be playing Remy. Writer Simon Kinberg is still trying to figure-out how to include Gambit into the film. While a solo film is a given, a large role in Apocalypse might not happen and it's unknown how much we'll see of him.

A deleted scene alluded to Scarlet Witch being apart of the Maximoff household. They might be holding back to give that character a proper introduction and they do hint Quicksilver is Magneto's son. Another character that almost made it into the film was Cain Marko, the step-brother of Charles who eventually becomes the Juggernaut. It's very possible he'll make an appearance or at least could be referenced in the film.

In the end credits scene from Days of Future Past, we see a young Apocalypse and in the background his villainous group The Four Hosemen. This is obviously during ancient Egypt as you can clearly see how young the villain is in the footage. Gambit, Angel and Wolverine were brainwashed into becoming Horsemen in the comics, it's likely they could take some spots in the lineup. We could also see other familiar mutants become pawns of Apocalypse. It's unknown if we'll see Ben Foster reprise the role of Angel, but considering his connections to Apocalypse I'm sure Singer is considering it.

There is also confirmation that the original cast will be returning again, it's likely it could serve as cameos. Unless they have Forge build them a time-machine which sends them back to the 80s. I have to admit I really liked the new additions of Bishop, Blink, Warpath and Sunspot. If it allowed them to return, than I could handle the untalented batch of original cast members. I actually wouldn't be shocked if they turned out to be present day Horsemen, depending on which era Apocalypse shows-up.

The Age of Apocalypse comics featured Bishop and Cable as major characters, the pair being sent back in time Terminator-style could be amazing. One being sent-back to kill Xavier and the other trying to prevent the assassination. It hasn't been confirmed if they'll bring back the time-travel element. Seeing how they are talking about bringing back old cast members and it will focus on the First Class era in the 80s, they'd have to use it again. Forge does build a working machine in the distant future, so they wouldn't need to use Kitty again. I would assume that preventing the Sentinel program, could have fuelled an even more horrific future.

Even though we visited the 70's, there are a few things that are kind of up-in-the-air concerning Logan/Jimmy. Does he eventually join the Weapon X program and get his adamantium skeleton/claws, or will that storyline just disappear? Mystiuqe disgusted as Stryker rescues Logan from the government at the end of the film. This could mean that the Weapon X program never turned Logan into the black-ops killing machine.

If Singer resurrects that aspect of Logan's life, we could finally get a solid reboot of the badass government special-ops program (unlike what was shown in Origins). Plus, this could lead to the return of Victor Creed aka Sabertooth and possibly Yuriko aka Lady Deathstrike as well. This alternate timeline could also mean that Deathstrike and Sabertooth, might show-up in The Wolverine 2, if the the sequel is set in this altered timeline.

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