January 28, 2014

The Russo Brothers Returning To Direct CAPTAIN AMERICA 3

Marvel's Kevin Feige had been hinting that Phase Three might only see two franchise sequels (aside from Avengers 3), it seemed that Thor 3 was one of those candidates. Variety reports that Captain America 3 could be our second one, stating that the Russo brothers who directed The Winter Soldier are expected to return. An official announcement hasn't been made but the Russos are currently working on an outline.

I would assume that franchise writers Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus will be back on script duties, but neither our mentioned in this report. There had been some speculation that villain Baron Wolfgang von Strucker's inclusion in Age of Ultron is expected to setup events for Captain America 3, possibly seeing the resurrection of Hydra. The talk of the town is, that Winter Soldier is better than any of the other Marvel Studios projects. I believe that Doc Strange and Thor 3 will more than likely take the 2016 slots, while Captain America 3 in 2017 could easily be the lead-up to Avengers 3 in 2018.


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