January 14, 2014

Clifton Collins Jr. Looking To Reunite With Edgar Wright For ANT-MAN?

Today, we heard from TheWrap that actor Michael Pena is being eyed for a role in Edgar Wright's Ant-Man. A few other names are also being linked for the role according to THR. The pair of actors are Javier Bardem (Skyfall, No County For Old Men) and Clifton Collins Jr (Traffic, Pacific Rim, Boondock Saints 2, Crank High Voltage). Of course, these names are only mentioned as being linked.

We had heard that Marvel was talking with Javier Bardem for a future role, it had been assumed that at the time it was for Doctor Strange. This was years ago, and likely had nothing to do Ant-Man as Wright was busy with other projects at the time. Having another high-profile actor like Bardem, would help get international attention.

Collins worked with Edgar on Scott Pilgrim, taking a cameo role as a one of the Vegan Police. He's also very recognizable as a very funny character actor, and seems more like an actor up to snuff to deliver action and humor we'd expect from Wright and Cornish. I'm rooting for Clifton because he was so awesome in Boondock Saints 2 and Crank High Voltage, but it likely comes down to if Pena turns down the role.


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