January 17, 2014

BREAKING BAD's Jesse Plemons Confirmed For STAR WARS: EPISODE VII?

LatinoReview is reporting that Jesse Plemons (Battleship, The Master) is pretty much a lock for a major role in the next Star Wars trilogy. Giving the impression he'll be a supporting character in Episode VII and become a protagonist in Episode VIII. The role isn't named, but it's very likely it could be Luke's son Ben Skywalker. If true, this would make Jesse the first new addition to the third trilogy.

TheWrap had previously linked the Breaking Bad and Friday Night Lights star for a role in the film. Other actors previous linked or rumored for the film include Michael Fassbender, Hugo Weaving, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sullivan Stapleton and Benedict Cumberbatch. It had been said that Weaving and Cumberbatch were being looked at for villain roles.

Jesse Plemons of Friday Night Lights and Breaking Bad was heavily rumored to be under consideration for a lead role in Star Wars Episode VII. We heard that this is basically a locked deal, at least as locked as anyone can be at this point.
We expect Plemons’ involvement will be announced early on, but the Disney/Star Wars PR Plemons Plan, currently, is to confirm his involvement without naming his part. So we’ll get a confirmation, but not an official confirm that Plemons is playing Ben Skywalker, Luke’s son. Plemons’ character would be the main protagonist of Episode VIII. EIGHT!


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