January 15, 2014

BIG RUMOR: Jon Hamm Going From Don Draper To DOCTOR STRANGE?

ThisIsInfamous is a newer blog, which has yet to my knowledge broken a major casting story like this. But says, Jon Hamm is actually talking to Marvel about the lead of Doctor Strange. A long standing rumbling that Hamm was on Marvel's radar, was revealed today by TheDailySuperhero. While I can confirm I've also heard Jon being on Marvel's wish-list, I never actually heard a character or project they wanted him for. This doesn't mean I hate the idea of him as Stephen Strange, just take this "rumor" with a cup of salt, not the usual pinch.

Stephen Strange seems like a tailor-made Marvel character for Jon, as he starts out as a playboy surgeon according to leaked script details. Having more than a few similar characteristics of his Don Draper character from Mad Men. Hamm is also at a similar age as Robert was when he was cast as Iron Man. The rumor has been, that Stephen Strange will possibly takeover the patriarch role in the MCU from Tony Stark in Phase Three. Jon recently filmed Million Dollar Arm for Disney and his AMC series Mad Men is about to finish it's run.

This has yet to be played out, but could be a reason why Iron Man 4 wasn't apart of Robert Downey Jr's recent two-picture deal with Marvel Studios. As the actor signed contracts for Avengers: Age of Ultron and Avengers 3, leaving out the option for a fourth Iron Man installment.

Marvel has more new projects in the works than sequels, having a surplus of origin films could see some sequels get pushed back. As it stands, Thor 3 is currently the only sequel outside of Avengers 3 that has been officially discussed for Phase Three. Kevin has hinted that a second sequel could be included in the release dates, but that has yet to be discovered or announced. We assume that Comic-Con will be Marvel's forum to announce the rest of their Phase Three plans, and could confirm what the release lineup will actually be.

Doc Strange is likely aiming for one of the two 2016 slots, since Kevin has talked up almost as much as Ant-Man. While the recent link to Johnny Depp seems smart, it could be turn out to be nothing. A bunch of things are going against it, Depp has Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Alice In Wonderland 2 about to go into production at Disney. He also has a bit of Lone Ranger shrapnel on him leftover from the summer, which might scare Marvel away from casting Johnny in budding new genre franchise. Releasing Doc Strange in 2016 might be a sticking point with Marvel, something that could also rule Johnny out of the running, as his other commitments could conflict with that release date happening.

Johnny has been wanted for Strange for years now, even back when Guillermo del Toro (Pacific Rim, Hellboy, Blade 2, Crimson Peak) was attached to write and direct it. Del Toro eventually left and so did the hope Mr. Depp would star in it. I doubt Johnny would even consider the project again, without a solid director in place. Even if he took a meeting with Marvel about it recently.

If we factor in a director hasn't been announced, it's current script is from the guys who gave us the Conan reboot, Strange is not in the best of shape at the moment. Unless, Marvel already has a director in mind and is willing to also handle script rewrites. Including a possible writer-director in casting meetings, might help flush out bigger talent, than with a just first draft script and no director.


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