January 15, 2014

RUMOR: Jon Hamm And Mila Kunis On Marvel Studios' Radar?

TheDailySuperhero is stating a rumor that Marvel is considering Jon Hamm (The Town, Mad Men) and Mila Kunis (Ted, Jupiter Ascending, Black Swan) for future roles. Characters or projects aren't named, but it's possible these could be roles for Phase Three and beyond. We should also consider that Ant-Man is currently putting together it's cast, along with possible Doctor Strange pre-production. It's still an early report without much besides they're on the studio's radar.

Hamm was once a fan favourite to play both Superman and Batman, it could be a way to allow Jon to play a superhero outside of the DCU. I've actually considered Hamm a great candidate to play Stephen Strange or even a possible Tony Stark replacement. It doesn't hurt that Hamm will be starring in the Disney film Million Dollar Arm. Again, nothing is even being hinted to, so this all my own hope.


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