April 2, 2013

WHAT IF: Fox Wanted A Juno Reunion For A X-MEN Spin-Off Centered On Ellen Page's KITTY PRYDE

During SlashFilm's Filmcast/FilmAid writer and director Jason Rietman (Thank You For Smoking, Young Adult) revealed he almost directed an X-Men film for Fox. He said the studio was talking to him to put together a Kitty Pryde solo film after the success of Juno. Having Jason direct, Diablo Cody write and of course Ellen Page reprising the role of Kitty. The project didn't end up happening but Kitty is being linked with large role in X-Men Days of Future Past. It's possible talk of solo film could come up again considering Page's previous worldwide exposure thanks to Inception. I wouldn't even be shocked if she became involved with the Wolverine franchise, since Kitty and Logan had their own team-up adventures.

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