April 6, 2013

LONE WOLF AND CUB Next For Director Justin Lin?

It was revealed by THR this week that director Justin Lin won't be making Fast And Furious 7 leaving a bit of a window for him to make one his many projects he's attached himself to. One of the them being his recent involvement with a western take on the classic Japanese manga tale Lone Wolf And Cub. Which was revealed that Janet and David Peoples were tasked write the film's script back in March 2012. The screenwriting pair are best known for writing the scripts for Twelve Monkeys, Blade Runner and Unforgiven. David is also currently working with Ridley Scott and Alcon Entertainment on a sequel to Blade Runner. At one point Darren Aronofsky was also trying to make a version the adaptation but ultimately they lost the rights. I expect that Lin might be able to make Lone Wolf next if the script is completed.

The manga series was turned into a very successful string of gory samurai exploitation films in Japan. One of them with the American title Shogun Assassin which would influence Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill. There hasn't been an update in a while but it's possible that more talk on it's development will be sparked during the press tour for Fast And Furious 6. Considering the massive amount of material that led to five original films there's a strong possibility this could be another franchise for Justin. I assume this one will be based on Sword of Vengeance and could even take the title. Since Lin's strong relationship with Universal I wouldn't be shocked to see them pickup distribution rights for the film.

"Ogami Itto, the Shogun’s elite executioner. In an attempt to take his position, the rival Yagyu clan falsely accuses Itto of a crime and murders his wife. Disgraced, Itto is forced to wander Japan with his three-year-old son Daigoro as an assassin for hire, earning the title 'Lone Wolf and Cub.' Ultimately, Itto and Daigoro seek revenge on the Yagyu clan."

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