April 16, 2013

Joss Whedon Says AVENGERS 2 Might Shoot In February 2014 And Had The Idea For The Sequel Before The First Film Was Figured Out

Whatever tidbits of information we can get out of Joss Whedon about the MCU is greatly anticipated. On the MTV Movie Awards red carpet Joss spoke to ET (via BleedingCool) and revealed a couple of things. First, Avengers 2 could begin production in February 2014 which will take place in the UK at Pinewood Studios. He also mentioned that he had the idea for the sequel before the release of the first Avengers film. However, Whedon mentioned the downfall of rolling out films knowing they'll end up completing a trilogy instead of making solid standalones. I assume that the sequel might have been developed from Joss' early outlines for the first installment.

We should start shooting I think in February… I didn’t think I was going to do the second but I had an idea for it before I’d figured out the first one. You go into a movie not assuming there’s going to be… I’ve seen plenty of movies that were the first part of the trilogy that never happened and it’s terrible. You don’t save anything for the trip back. Having said that, though, I did sort of know, “Well, if they were to come back, I know what’s going to happen… It’s going to be awful."

It's expected that the main four cast members Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo will be back. It's a bit uncertain if supporting cast members such as Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, Jeremy Renner and Cobie Smulders might be benched to allow other Marvel characters to take part in the fun. Three out of four will be next seen in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and could end up staying in that franchise until Avengers 3 which might involve Civil War. New additions Agent 13 (Emily VanCamp), Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and The Guardians of The Galaxy (Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Michael Rooker) might end up becoming the supporting cast of the sequel.

Rumblings of a new superhero have also started with Kevin Feige stating they wanted a new one added to the Avengers lineup. Morris Chestnut (Kick-Ass 2, Boyz N The Hood) teased on Twitter recently he might be playing Avenger member The Black Panther. It's unlikely that heroes Doctor Strange or Ant-Man will be joining the team before Avengers 3 because their origins have to play out in Phase Three first.

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