April 8, 2013

Morris Chestnut In The Mix For BLACK PANTHER And Could He Join AVENGERS 2?

We've seen a couple of actors tease fans about upcoming roles on Facebook and Twitter. Frank Grillo eventually confirmed he landed the role of villain Crossbones in Captain America 2 on Twitter. So when Morris Chestnut (Boyz N The Hood, Identity Thief, American Horror Story, G.I. Jane, Last Boy Scout) said this on his twitter page "It's time to get familiar with the Black Panther character !" . It gave a lot of people the idea he might be talking to Marvel. He also linked to a picture of Black Panther surrounded by fellow Avengers. Could it be possible that Morris is in the mix for the Black Panther role in Avengers 2 (leading up to his own solo film)? The original tweet has been deleted so it could have caught the attention of his agent or Marvel.

A string of other actors have been previously linked for being considered for the part including Wesley Snipes, Idris Elba, Aldis Hodge and others. Marvel's Kevin Feige recently stated he hoped that Avengers 2 would include another superhero. We have impression that this new hero wouldn't be either Ant-Man or Doctor Strange. Since the Phase Three films would be released post-Avengers 2 and will focus on their origins. Kevin has also been talking up a Panther film for years and has a solid script from from Mark Bailey. Morris will be next seen in Kick-Ass 2 (based on a comic that was published by Marvel but not owned) alongside Jim Carrey who had been linked for a role in Guardians of The Galaxy.

"I would love to also see a new superhero in the ranks of the Avengers. We shall see!"

The Black Panther of Wakanda seems like a solid addition to the Avengers lineup in the sequel. Since he's been a staple in the cartoon series and is one of most popular non-classic member. T'Challa is a character that could be thrown into the fray without his origin explained at that moment. The advanced technology/tribal elements of Wakanda could be a great visual combination if the Guardians end up in the film as well. It would also be a smart way to get audiences behind the Panther film which seems to have been having problems getting made. Black Panther would have the first visible male minority becoming the starring lead of a Marvel Studios' franchise. Something lacking in the comic book film genre along with a lack of superheroines. Hopefully changing with the casting of Zoe Saldana as Gamora (the most dangerous women in the universe) in Guardians of The Galaxy.

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