April 2, 2013

Rob Zombie To Make Hockey Flick BROAD STREET BULLIES Next

Rob Zombie is finally returning to original movies with his upcoming Lords of Salem coming out this month. ComingSoon was able to talk about what's next for Zombie. While there had been talk of Rob Zombie making his long in development exploitation films Tyrannosaurus Rex, Werewolf Women of The SS (based on Grindhouse faux trailer) and The Blob remake another project is peeking his interest. Oddly enough, it's a different genre for the musician turned filmmaker as he's planning on making a period sports film. Broad Street Bullies will focus on the true story of the 1970's Philadelphia Flyers.

"That [script] is finished," Zombie tells ComingsSoon.net. "I just finished it. That was an epic battle because that was the first time I had to really research something. There's no fiction in it, it's all true. It was a year of research, my God, I read every f--king book and, obviously, the game ends with game 6 against the Bruins when they win the cup. I must have watched game 6 a thousand f--king times until I had it memorized. It's a pretty epic script. I was just in Philadelphia a couple of weeks ago and all of those guys still go to every game. I was sitting in the box with Joe Watson and Bernie Parent. The Broadstreet Bullies still reign there. I got to get that movie right or they'll take me out and hang me."

"We had so many offers for it but we haven't taken one yet," he continues. "It's funny because everybody was like 'Oh, a hockey movie, nobody's going to want it.' But as soon as we announced it, everyone came out of the woodwork. Everybody wanted to get involved. Nothing against horror movies and I don't mean this to sound any way, but no agent wants to put their client in a horror movie, nobody would take them seriously. But suddenly, with this type of movie, everyone is coming forward, which I wasn't prepared for."

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