April 3, 2013

Controller Might Be A Villain In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, Could This Be Another Hint To Iron Man Joining The Film?

LatinoReview which has been slowly leaking plot details of numerous comic book projects has a new Marvel one. They say that Marvel baddie Basil Sandhurst aka The Controller will play henchman to Thanos in Guardians of The Galaxy. There has been talk of Thanos being the actual main villain of the film which could lead into Avengers 2. Marvel has confirmed Thanos for Guardians but his role in the film is currently unknown.

Now that the Controller is involved it seems like another pathway to having Tony Stark/Iron Man join the film. Basil is also a longtime villain of Stark's and Tony recently joined the team in the recent reboot of the Guardians. Add this to the rumored button scene in Iron Man 3 plus his Space Suit Armor it's possible (though not confirmed) we could see Stark in the film at some point. Perhaps, bridging the Guardians and even Thanos for Avengers 2.

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