June 14, 2011

Avengers Promo Poster Features Hawkeye & Modern Cap Costume

Someone was able to nab this cellphone pic of an Avengers promotional poster at the Licencing Expo. It's likely artwork for the Hasbro toyline as it's similar to the Thor and Captain America art that leaked last year. It does however give us a first look at Hawkeye in his Avengers costume. Along with updated looks for both Captain America and Iron Man. I'm unclear if the Iron Man armor seen in the image will actually be on screen. It's interesting to see the group together even if it's only toy promotional artwork.

The Comic-Con presence for Marvel Studios is said to be muted this year. As there will not be a promotion for Avengers. I would like to think the studio could put together a second teaser trailer just in time for Captain America.

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