June 1, 2011

Dark Knight Rises Viral Videos Kicking Off New Viral Game?

TheFireRises has been the official Twitter page for the Dark Knight Rises for a week or so. They slowly helped reveal the first image of Bane and apparently have a YouTube account as well. While it's still early it's expected these could be tidbits to start another massive viral campaign. Similar to the "Why So Serious?" viral game that was created for The Dark Knight.

The videos below give us the first clue that points to an outbreak (viral or fear toxin?) and a breakout at Arkham Asylum. Of course these sort of story elements would be seen in a trailer so it's not a solid spoiler. You never know these also could be distractions but it does seem there are glimpses of real footage in there. Yet I believe the footage with Michael Anthony Hall is just re-hashed from Dark Knight. I did however notice what could be Bane rising his arm in the Outbreak video.

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