June 10, 2011

Bryan Singer Talks Possible Details Of X-Men First Class Sequel

Another film set in the world of First Class is very likely considering all the praise the first film has received. We've heard from writer/director Matthew Vaughn that we could see Magneto control the magic bullet that kills JFK in an intro for the sequel. Now there is word from producer Bryan Singer (via LATimes) how he'd like to go even further to ground the franchise. Singer made a lot of the creative choices for First Class choosing the mutants and working on the story with writers. It's likely he'll be involved the same way with the sequels since there has been talk of a trilogy if not more. Bryan wants to include the Civil Rights Movement along with the Vietnam War.

With this new information I've come up with my own theories for the sequel. The Civil Rights angle might give us anti-mutant groups like Friends of Humanity which violently targeted mutants and mutant supporters. The assassinations of JFK and MLK could also bring up the aspect of Bishop trying to kill Xavier. The only thing is that it's expected mutants existence might be kept from the public for a little longer.

The Vietnam inclusion might give hope to fans who were disappointed by X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It's possible that a young William Styker Jr. could make a solid appearance along with a bone-clawed James Howlett (Logan). Cain Marko is another service man who could also appear in the conflict. Marko's origin involves him as a solider discovering his powers during the Korean War and becoming the Juggernaut. The only issue is that they took the aspect of Cain being Charles' stepbrother and used it for Raven (Mystique). Cable, a very popular character that producers have been vocal about including in future X-Men films is a strong possibility. Stephen Lang (Avatar), who fans wanted cast in the role revealed he'd be up for it. He could fit nicely in here as a gruff new X-Men team leader along with the father of both Alex (Havoc) and Scott Summers (Cyclops).

When it comes to the newly formed Brotherhood of Mutants we could see Magneto finally make the transition to mutant terrorist. Organizing the group to better serve mutant kind throughout their actions. Along with the relationship between Mystique and Azazel which will eventually lead to the birth of Nightcrawler. I'm not sure if Emma Frost and Magneto will develop one as well but there has been talk of love interest for Erik in future films. It would be nice to explore the origins of the Russian mutant Azazel.

I would think after the events of the first film the allied governments might try to work together to develop a non-mutant tactic to combat the Brotherhood and other dangerous mutant threats. Perhaps leading to the development of the Sentinel program which has been teased in previous films. Having the large robots identifying/rounding up threatening mutants and taking them to the isolated African island of Genosha. Where the mutants would have their powers repressed with technology and imprisoned. It would be an interesting way to raise the bar from First Class.

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