June 1, 2011

Hawkman Film Rumors Resurface, Hawkgirl Involved?

Back in December 2009 there had been online chatter that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment was developing a Hawkman film. BleedingCool is re-fueling the talk with word that Warners is looking for writers and have a basic logline for pitches.

"Part INDIANA JONES/DA VINCI CODE, part GHOST tentpole about the fictional superhero that appears in D.C. Comic books. He used archaic weaponry and large, artificial wings attached to a harness made of the Nth metal that allows flight. Most incarnations of Hawkman work closely with a partner/romantic interest named Hawkgirl or Hawkwoman in his fight against supervillains. Based on the DC comic."

Currently the studio is developing The Flash, Green Lantern 2, Green Arrow (Supermax), Wonder Woman, Aquaman (rumored) and Justice League. The films have been expected to become the standard tentpoles replacing the Harry Potter franchise. Possibly rolling out one to two DC films a year. It will be interesting to see if the studio goes with an off-world John Carter/Flash Gordon take or more of a grounded version of the hero. While we've heard that neither Nolan's Batman or Snyder's Superman will be involved in Justice Leauge. It's possible Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern and future heroes like Hawkman could end up in the JA lineup.

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