March 1, 2012

Bruce Willis To Star In Five Against The Bullet

Deadline reports that Bruce Willis has taken a lead role in Five Against The Bullet. The action film from writer Alex Litvak (Predators, Three Musketeers) focuses on on a Mexican politician who, after his father is killed by a drug cartel, hires the five best bodyguards from around the world to protect him through a contentious election. Willis of course will play one of the bodyguards tasked on protecting the politician. Here's hoping that other action stars as well known as Bruce take on the rest of the bodyguard roles. Willis has a slew of action films on their way this year with The Cold Light of Day, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, and Expendables 2. He's about to start production on A Good Day To Die Hard (Die Hard 5) and then RED 2.

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