March 21, 2012

Sex Tape Might Get A Director, Ellie Kemper Needs To Co-Star

Variety reports that Jake Kasdan best known for directing Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story and Bad Teacher in talks to helm Sex Tape for Sony. The comedy from screenwriter Kate Angelo focuses on a married couple who decide to spice things up by making their own sex tape. They wake the next morning only to find it's missing and scramble around the city trying to find it before it ends up online or in the hands of someone they know.

Currently Jason Segel is the only actor attached to the film. However, I'm putting it out to Sony that they need to cast Ellie Kemper in the second lead. Kemper is best known for scene stealing supporting roles in The Office, Bridesmaids and the recent hit 21 Jump Street. It would be in the studio's best interest to develop Ellie into a comedic leading lady and give her a shot at the role. The only problem is that Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, Rose Byrne, Reese Witherspoon, and Jennifer Garner are in the mix. My hope is that with Kasdan's love for casting Office regulars he might want Ellie to test with Jason.

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