March 19, 2012

Jack Ryan Reboot Looses Director Jack Bender

Variety reports that Paramount's planned Jack Ryan reboot (which had the working titled Moscow) will have to look for another director. Jack Bender (Lost) had been hired with the intention to direct the film this summer with Chris Pine in the lead. Bender has dropped out because of commitments to his television projects. It's expected the studio will be quickly looking for a new director with the summer shoot still in place. I assume they'll be trying to move forward with the untitled film as soon as Pine wraps production on Star Trek 2. It will be interesting to see if they pursue another television director for the film.

I understand that the studio is thinking franchise here after the massive success with their other spy film Ghost Protocol giving new life to the genre. Personally, I don't see Pine as the Jack Ryan type as he's a bit too young. My favorite actors who have played the character included a young Alec Baldwin and a middle-aged Harrison Ford. I'm still rooting for Jon Hamm to swoop in for the role.

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