March 21, 2012

Amazing Spider-Man Gives Slight Hints To Sequel

The Spider-Man reboot seems to have it's share of secrets as it's a completely new take on the Spidey universe. In Amazing Spider-Man we get hints of the origins of Peter Parker's parents and their possible connection with Oscorp. There had been rumblings that the Parkers were spies for the government as seen in an issue of Marvel's What If line of comics. In the comic the pair were envisioned as SHIELD agents. At this point we have zero idea of who the Parkers were and what happened to them. FirstShowing was able to speak with direct Marc Webb about the project where he says the film while it's own thing does lay the ground work for the sequel.

Oscorp Technologies plays a rather large role in the film as it's where both Spider-Man and The Lizard are born. There had been speculation that Norman Osborn would be introduced in some way in the film. It seems like Webb is holding those reveals close to his chest but has stated the full story about the fate of the Parkers will be explored in the sequel. This brings back previous rumors that Green Goblin will be the villain of the sequel completing the Gwen Stacy saga.

What we do know is that Sony has already commissioned Amazing Spider-Man 2 to be outlined by James Vanderbilt last year. The studio also has set the release date for May 2nd 2014. Giving the impression the studio and Webb know where they want to go with the new franchise. One thing is that Webb's Spider-Man will first and foremost have a larger scope than the Raimi films. Something the Raimi films seemed to lack is a solid grounded world where these heroes and villains could inhabit. At times the Raimi films felt more like a live-action cartoon than a cinematic experience.

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