March 30, 2012

10 Directors In The Running For Captain America 2

Well it looks like Joe Johnston's next Marvel film might actually be a Winter Soldier film as the director isn't returning for the Captain America sequel. Vulture reports that Marvel Studios is now looking at new ten directors to helm Captain America 2. Some of the candidates include F. Gary Gary, George Nolfi, Anthony and Joseph Russo which is an interesting group of directors. The latter two are best known for the NBC comedy series Community. Nolfi was a screenwriter handling films like Oceans Twelve and Bourne Ultimatum before making his directing debut with the Adjustment Bureau. F. Gary Gary has been able to handle rather large films with projects like the Italian Job, Negotiator and Law Abiding Citizen. The names of the other six directors haven't been released but I assume this could be drawn out search.

It's expected that the sequel will be released in the summer of 2014 as previously stated by Chris Evans. Currently the script is being worked on by First Avenger writers Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus. I think if someone like Nolfi is hired to direct he could boost the action set pieces with his own rewrites. The Russo brothers could also inject some humor into film which had some decent wisecracking moments in the first film. Marvel is an odd bunch as they could very well end up hiring a director only to replace them later on. For my money I think F. Gary Gary is solid choice as he's an excellent action director when given a good cast and script.

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