March 23, 2012

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo Talks Highlander Reboot

Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later, Intruders) seems to be cautious these days when talking up future projects since he backed out of both The Crow remake and the Bio-Shock film. Another film that has him attached is Universal's reboot of the touch and go Highlander franchise. Frensnadillo gave a brief to statement ThePlaylist on the direction his film that should ease the hardcore fans like myself of the original movie. He says he's focusing on the original mythology of the first film. Ignoring the alien subplot of the second film and the inclusion of the television characters in the latter sequels.

"I’m developing the possibility of making 'Highlander...I find the concept very interesting, immortality as a curse. We’re using the materials of the universe, but this is some kid of reboot, since the story could use a new approach."

"Everything comes from the universe of the original film. There will be no aliens!"

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